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High-Quality Water is Key to Your Health

When you’re looking for water treatment solutions, Hyatt Pump Service Inc has the services you need. You can get everything from water softener installation to water treatment systems.

• Water testing

• Conditioning systems

• Softeners and iron filter installation

• UV light and overflow protection installation

• Sediment and odor filter installation

• Reverse osmosis drinking system installation

Water treatment services

If your water is hard, acidic, and has high iron content, your water is not as healthy as it could be. This can have a negative impact on your skin and the cleanliness of your home.


There's no need to go another day not knowing what’s in your water. Let us put our years of experience and licensed technicians to work and solve your water treatment problems.

Get healthier water to keep you safe

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3-year warranty on pumps

5-year warranty on tanks